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Latest Resumes

Posted Title Job Seeker Age Expect in Starting Photo
07.14.2022 Domestic Helper Shrina Llandelar 31 Hong Kong
06.05.2022 Domestic Helper Sara Magbojos 45 Hong Kong 09.15.2022
01.14.2021 Driver Marvin Ballas 39 Hong Kong 03.01.2021
12.05.2020 Domestic Helper Mary 39 Hong Kong 12.15.2019
12.05.2020 Domestic Helper LEONIDA AGUILAR 37 Hong Kong 11.30.2019
12.04.2020 Domestic Helper Vernaliza Nicolas 34 Hong Kong
12.04.2020 Domestic Helper Andrea Contenti 34 Hong Kong 01.01.2021
11.17.2020 Domestic Helper Wuryati 48 Hong Kong 02.09.2021
11.17.2020 Driver Jhoven Asilo 36 Hong Kong 11.21.2020
11.17.2020 Driver Angelo Tobias 38 Hong Kong 12.30.2020

Featured Jobs

Posted Title Employer Preferred Age Job in Starting Photo
11.22.2018 Domestic Helper Leung Ka Wai 35-39 :
Hong Kong 02.18.2019

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